Chest Freezer Deal & A Small Review

Chest Freezer

Until the end of January this year I never had a chest freezer, but now that am back to couponing myself I decided it was time to invest in one so that I could save even more in the long run.

Given that I live in a 1 bedroom apartment I wasn’t sure that I could actually fit one in, but then after looking at the measurements I realized that I could fit a 5 cu ft chest freezer (which isn’t quite as big as a shelving unit) in my kitchen, after I moved my 1 shelving system partially into my hallway, against my other shelving systems.

After doing some investigating and comparing the reviews and prices I settled on the Holiday chest freezer deal –  priced at $169 (full price $189) & Lowe’s delivers it for free.

The freezer requires manual defrost, but based on the reviews  it’s very rare that it needs to be done and it also doens’t have a light to show that it’s on, but to get either of those features one must by a much more expensive version. It does come with a removable basket that hangs on the top (it can be slid back and forth if you don’t the freezer packed too high.

I ordered mine in the evening & got a call the very next morning for it to be delivered (although if I wasn’t going to be home they would have delivered it the next day). I have it set on 6 (out of 7) so that the internal temperature is around 0. With the freezer attached to my fridge I frequently noticed that even though I kept it as cold as could without my fridge products freezing that ice particles (I guess that’s freezer-burn) would form on my food, even when it wasn’t in there for very long. However with the chest freezer I’m seeing little to no ice particles on things, even the things that have been in there almost a month.

So far I am loving my chest freezer as it’s allowed me to take advantage of so many deals that I otherwise would have missed out on. I’ve already saved at least half the amount spent on the freezer with items that wouldn’t have fit  in my normal freezer. Oh and to give an idea of size, 30 DiGiorgno pizzas take up only about 1/3 of the freezer.


  1. This would be great for our garage.

  2. willis flanagan says:

    I started out with a small freezer. quickly discovered I needed a larger one. My summer garden filled the small on up fast. Now we have one of the largest and it is full up.

  3. ellen beck says:

    A chest freezer is one of the most frugal things you can invest in- I am also a gardener and freeze a lot versus canning and save bunches and always have fresh vegetables!

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